Why content optimization for your audiences matters. In 7 figures


Effectiveness in content management is a factor of matching 2 key elements:

  • Your content (copy/creative/CTA/…): what message are you conveying and how)
  • Your audience: who are you showing this message to and what is their intent

Timing/sequence is also a highly important factor but we’ll cover how we believe it is part of the audience building process.

Attention capturing

Why content optimization on your website matters. In 7 numbers.

80–10–10: What your site visitors are searching for

  • 80% Informational queries, typically early in the buying process
  • 10% Transactional queries, with a product and service in mind
  • 10% Navigational queries, typically just using a search engine

Less than 1 second: Visual affinity is determined by your visitors

50+ %: Percentage of visitors coming from a mobile device

1min30s: Time for visitors to form an opinion on your product or service

90% of visitors put most emphasis on visual factor while purchasing products

15s: Time you have to pick the interest of your visitor before they bounce

94% of first impressions are design-related

These numbers can be debated and studies vary but it is undeniable that your website and the content must be tailored to your subsets of visitors in order to optimize their engagement, maximize your conversions and improve your brand awareness.

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